I chose to use only images of children for this book because it is through the strength and possibilities you see in their young eyes that the power of the invisible sun becomes so compelling. Don’t feel bad for these kids. They don’t want your pity. My motivation in bringing these children together for you to meet is not so you can say, “Oh, look at those poor kids. I want to give them a hug.” Hopefully you will take strength from their strength, feel more thankful in your own life, and, in return, go find ways to give people hope, not by just giving money but by giving something of yourself. Visit these kids and remember the power of the human spirit to overcome. Visit these kids when you need to remember how lucky you are. Visit these kids and ask yourself if you’re doing enough to help. Everyone has to connect their own dots. I hope the experience of this book, in some small way, helps you to connect yours.

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“To see these children laughing is to witness the Invisible Sun made visible.”

~ Sting

Invisible Sun | Moises