Photography has profoundly informed my vision of humanity as a one, single yet collective whole. Beyond what or who they depict, my photographs echo a connection that I relentlessly strive to share with my viewer.

Only in achieving such proximity, where the persons eyes looking at me through the lens also seemingly looking at my viewers, can this essentially human bond be justly translated. My photographs are mediators, catalysts, for an authentic eyeball to eyeball exchange ⎯ the one that ultimately touches and urges us to respond and maybe to act.

The most transcendent moments have come when I least expected them – from sharing in the joys and frustrations of ordinary people’s everyday lives. My photographs were born out of those everyday moments.

Imagine a world where we can learn something from everyone we meet, a world that recognizes our common humanity and dignity: the power of gratitude for everyday things, And the need for more kindness.

That is the world I seek to create with my photography.