Grassroot Soccer

An adolescent health organization that leverages the power of soccer to educate, inspire, and mobilize youth in developing countries to overcome their greatest health challenges, live healthier, more productive lives, and be agents for change in their communities.

International Medical Corps

A global, nonprofit, humanitarian aid organization dedicated to saving lives and relieving suffering by providing emergency relief, healthcare training and development programs to those in great need.

Mind & Life Institute

A non-profit organization bringing science and contemplative wisdom together to better understand the mind, foster greater connectedness, and create positive change in the world.

The Lenny Zakin Fund

A donor community that supports immigrants and refugees negatively impacted by budget cuts and systemic racism by funding tangible solutions for positive change in their neighborhoods.

The Rainforest Foundation

A foundation committed to the radical idea that Indigenous peoples, those most intimately connected to ancestral lands, have the legal right to protect the forests, tackling urgent challenges of biodiversity loss, climate change, and human rights.

Emory University Science Program

A six-year academic program offering science curriculum for Tibetan Buddhist monastic universities across disciplines, including philosophy of science, physics, biology, and neuroscience, subjects where monastics are likely to have the most impact in their communities.

The Prajnopaya Foundation

A worldwide humanitarian organization focused on alleviating suffering and caring for society through innovative health, education and social welfare projects based on Buddhist principles and under the patronage of HH the Dalai Lama.

Library of Tibetan Works and Archives

The LTWA is one of the premier institutes in the world dedicated to the preservation, protection, and promotion of Tibetan cultural heritage. The LTWA specializes in Buddhist and Tibetan studies, providing comprehensive resources to promote knowledge exchange and attract scholars, researchers, and visitors from across the globe.