“There is a lot of beauty inside people’s hearts and souls. The problem is when we let it be obscured by lies, hatred, greed, jealousy, and fear. It can be right there in front of you, and you cannot see it.”


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I hope my photographs invoke our common humanity and inspire a shared desire to learn from it.

Whether it is the soulful eyes of children, the laughter of Tibetan monks, or the honest gaze of aged men and women, it is our shared humanity that causes us to reflect more deeply on ourselves.

In the sea of our hurried, distracted lives how much insight just floats by because we aren’t open to where or who it comes from?

Humans seem to need to experience loss before they appreciate what they have. I have found that those who have the least materially are often the ones who walk with observable gratitude and generosity.

While my photography cannot solve the harsh realities of war and poverty, my hope is that it brings to light that even in the most abject conditions, human resilience, human kindness, and human dignity endure.

My motivation in photographing these people is not to invoke pity. I want you to take strength from their strength feel more thankful in your life and in return find ways to give people hope, not just by giving money but by giving something of yourself.

"Be selfish, go help someone."